Poetry, Ponder

Little did you know that..

Did you know about wait?

Did you ever know patience?

Did you know about fate?

Did you know the act?

Did you ever heard of “the fact”?

That it’s never a fact, it’s not real,

It’s an Act.

Act of chance.

Act of fate.

A test,

That you fail or pass;

A riddle,

That you solve or quit;

A war,

That you win or lose;

The luck,

That you grab or slide;

The hope,

That you hold on to,

Or let go of;


What you do is all YOU.

Your thoughts and feelings,

Your Interpretation,

And choices,

Life that you live is YOU.

Did you know yourself?

Did you know the cause?

Did you know “it’s you”?

YOU, cause of all?


You mark your choices,

You opt for your pain,

As you vote for family,

You dote on your foes.

Your desires, and emotions,

Attract commotion.

You think you don’t know anything,

You don’t know what game you are in,

You shatter, you flutter,

You clutter, you shutter,

Did you know?

The fate is tailored;

The act is framed;

The life is moulded every minute,

By your thoughts and actions.

It is endless cycle of pure indulgence.

When you can’t understand,

Ignorance is bliss;

What you can’t see,

Is not there;

When you can’t reform,

You shift the blame;

Little did you know that

YOU are the game..






What you see when

You see that image

That… in the mirror?

Do you see broken lines

Are they pieces of glass,

Or flakes of your blue skin?

Or imaginary, all of it;

What are those cracks?

From which you see

Red-green wine creeped up

All over your head and feet

Is it mirror-play

Or self doubt?

Illusion formed by half-truth?

Or Dream erected by half-vision?

Struggle within to seek truth,

Sprouted senselessness

Scattered soul

In reality is a pity;

Cried out solution

long forgone

Orchestrated stage yet singing alone?

What makes you see that image?

An impression?

A vision, a short sight?

A glimpse of you in trouble?

A disbanded self?


Impure, Imperfect,

Chained, fortified,

Vulnerable, broken

A dispelled self?

Snap out of it!

Leave that fortress,

The courage, The light,

The holy idea of life,

Oh dissolving self, just bring it up!

Have desire, have faith,

Believe in your built,

And your bones,

Trust your character,

And your soul.

The creeps, the damp,

The mold sprouts,

The imaginary maps

Of unending doubts,

The Cold;

Will not swallow

Your scorching insides.

Burn darkness,

Blaze the hope,

Fire up your heart and nerve,

Bruise, Rub, grill your body,

Let it not dampen you

Even for a sec;

Warm up, burn up

Until you see the cleanse,

Until you find a way,

A way that preserves

Your heat, your grit;

A path that leads you

To the beautiful self

The mighty one,

The solid and sought,

To the warm,

To the tough,






Unpin today..

What is it?

A framework?

Or a piece of art?

A fated timeline

Of sheer creativity?

A planned theme

Or a well written play?

Why am I pinned into it again?

Dancing or mourning

Over pre-scripted scene;

Whether I sing or cry

The playlist is unseen;

I don’t move

My brain stops

As if I am played too

Over a pre-determined game.

Is the result out already?

Who would be the winner?

I am thinking without

Knowing a way-out clear.

I don’t know until when this would be

Is it for now or forever?

Walk over roads

That are Perfect-round,

Bewildered, pipe-Jammed

Yet not beaten;

Moving in circle of life

I am back to square.

My past and future are non-existent

My present is time-struck;

Still I am ageing.

Time grin.


There was no end of such trails

Even in past..

When I was still like a mast;

All I had learned..

Led me nowhere

Until I saw a marker,

A marker,

A symptom,

A symbol,

A signal,

An alarm,

A warning,

A chaos,

An opportunity,

A big buzz, that shook me away..

That snapped out of me,

and penetrated me with a spear,

I bled yet all my ignorance washed away,

With a fresh bloodstream;

I gained the secret of life,

A secret of acceptance,

A secret of diligence,

A relation between stillness and turbulence;

No matter what you think,

Life is one step ahead of you,

Playing with you with a string..;

If you win it today it is not forever,

Giving up blurs vision, and you are pushed to dark..

It’s a trial every day and you cannot give up.

I won in past,

My fight was with myself,

I will win now as it is me again.


Every time,

And again..

When I am stuck and pinned,

I know these tempests would swirl over me,

To free me, to get rid of me,

In order to protect me again,

Just like today,

I will unpin..

Myself to re-align,

To bring balance,

I will rise.

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Imperfect is I’m-Perfect

I had dreams

I saw them everyday with eyes opened

Climbing top,

Crossing over Horizon;

But, I failed instead,

I couldn’t complete

what I had planned for,

I got struck, I had to stop,

I fell down,


I reached somewhere else.

This was something

Out of blue

I never intended

But I pursued;

I found a new world,

Not as in my dreams

Different, terrifying, life changing;

I went through all kinds,

I felt numb yet connected within,

I felt transit joy,

It was grown within the soul,

Now I learnt to live in dark with more light

The relaxed conscience with inner plight…

But to the people and to the world,

I am yet no different from the failure,

For I could not do what I said,

They do not see what I had achieved

Because they just see and not think,

They do not share my world with me

They never ask what I feel..

They fail to understand my reasons

Because they think I was not capable..

Everyday when I see them pointing

I only want to say that

I am not different from any successful

I just see things differently

Now I see life with more gratitude,

I see failure like opportunities,

Abundance of mistakes

Gives me a purpose

To live and strive again

To prove myself

Yet again with a different approach

With detachment to a goal

With an achievement in incompleteness

With utter bliss in imperfection.




Poetry, Song

A purpose


Early rising

Post late sleep charm..

Disturbing dreams

By cockatoo alarm

Rush start of

A day full of plans

Guiding instructions…

From a tree to a plant

Run…. run

And feel dork,

Forget life in

Work, work and work.

That twist in the back

That pain in the neck

That wrench in your wrist

That prick on your nerve

That crick in your shoulder

That sprain in the ankle

That strain in your eyes

Signs are visible

Unhappy soul

Begetting problems


In mood


Overflowing emotions




Breaking bones

Cracking knuckles

Fail organs


Yet very fast.

The happiness is a purpose,

A purpose is full life..

Find it today and live till it lasts..



‘U’ turn

Now is time

To prepare,

To wrap up,

Let go of thoughts

That let you hold up

For so long;

Break the cage,

The wall

Refuse old guards

Let the self be

At fire.

Turn all eyes to the light

At the centre of heat,

Let it melt away

The cold heart.

Allow it to burn off

The anger, resentment,

The longing to go back in time

To change the past;

Let it rub your ignorance

To show you the shining way;

Let it shatter your belief

In pieces

To rearrange, reset,


Let it shake you off

To stabilise.

To free your soul from exile

To re-colonise;

Now is time

To welcome

New journey,

New wheels,

New propellers,

New wings..


Now is time

For a ‘U’ turn.





An Ode to the Night

A huge pile of glow-worm

Or a mountain on fire

I could see dim lights from afar

In the dark.

Rooted, studded,


Choked in spell

Felt succumbed

No back, no forth

Unable to move I felt numb.

I could hardly breathe

With my pounding heart

Pulsed my presence

In blinking glow-worms

Witnessing them mock,

Grin and prick

Kept me alive.

I watched over whole night

The dimming,

Disappearing mountain.

Long spent in the darkest

In those hours, more sensitive I became

To the dimmest fluttering

Quenching of the tiniest molecule of light.

All I could remind of

Time, when I couldn’t feel the core

Time, when I could only bear

One more second to snuff off

The light of my life.

Then, I saw it dawned,

I never moved until

I felt oppressive heat through the pores

Heated my blood caused a boil in temper

The fervour took off the chill from the dead

The warmth took a while to clamp the soul.

From the winters to the spring,

From the mountains to the lakes,

An eye opening journey

From the moonlight to the sunlight.

Illuminated my soul filled with gratitude

To a place where “the light” scales to the loftiest

And stays in glory;

That starts null, ends up queerly full,

That teaches you value of life;

Virtue of a fire fighter.

My learned nervousness bowing towards

The tiniest of the light, the favour, the kindness.

To everything that brings me

Back to the ground, to the fighting me,

To the dark, to “The Night”.

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Indifferent my mind

Chooses the path

You patch,

Opens the door

You brick;

In this shower

My tear

Be nectar,

Drunken my soul

Dissolves comfort in pain;

Words of my mouth

Produce silence,

In this conversation

Music transfers through

Air particles;

Neither still

Nor vibrating

Settled in utter bliss

My soul

Dives deep

And fountains up

To shower over the universe

In a new form

With new hopes;

Is this what I desired?

Or what I was born for?

Whirling melting in storms,

Taking new shapes,

Never stopping by,

For my ultimate;

Horsing towards

Light ‘ever’,

Life to me is ‘now’

A destination-crossed path;

Glued in love,

I hover over..

To complete the cycle

From clouds to soil,

Earth to Sky,

With the winged soul

In bliss..





Let your fear..

The times

You see no moves,

No judgements 

No reactions to 

The done,

The said;


You hold on to

The well carved 

Expressions over 

The unimagined,


And Outrageous;

You let win


Over loss-of-fear

Fear that split

Chained connections


Your existence;


Let your fear choose,

Let it interfere,

Let it be wary about

Your weaknesses,

Your mistakes,

And you, the vulnerable;

Let it dig deep

In search of died filaments

Of love, 

Let it magnify 

Volume of 

Those layered,

pressed emotions;

Before they freeze you 

To white and grey

Before they dry out 

The red warm fountain

That showers 

Deep within

Over the land of heart;

Let your fear guard

The heat 

That melts cold ink,

Decode unread,

Decipher unheard,




mere one..



blink of your

eyes; nodding; aspirant feet

hopping; hurling; hurriedly rushing 

horses to horizon; couldn’t see you staggering;

struggling to propel the air, swing high and catch

holding up on patience, silently questionably,

fluttering eyes; stopped blinking for the

time, the space where dreams

thrust upon shadow

of hope




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To come closer,

Closest, then..

The next moment

Repulsing again.

Farthest from nearest..

We, opposite poles.


Burnt within,

Afired, forged armour,

Embraced gold;

But powerless to the wax to hold.

Turned into formless,

Ashes or vapour,

When mixed with water.

We, inharmonious elements!


Squawked you,

Squealed me,

In shouts and cries..

Crept our stars silently.

Off-key, tuneless,

And discordant,

When played alone,

Together we fused into trance..

We, anomalous instruments!


Single ousted,

Outstanding departed,

With unblended Identity

We cohort, we rise and drop.

Blended we form rainbows

Over the bridge, in the clouds..

We, like rain and the sun!


Awe the universe!

At our euphony..

We, not set by rhythm

We, not set attuned

We, the unset eternity

We, the mortal bodies..

Pulsating, reverberating,

With powerful, deep, intense love..

We, the resonant souls!



Couple holding hands on beach
Couple holding hands on beach

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“That you are Soulful!”

“Did you see black smoke?

Before your blood coagulated,

Before you lost your senses,

Before your eyes closed?

Did you see that shadow..

..you have now become a part of?

Did you listen to the chorus?

Before it hypnotized you,

Before it made you spell bound,

Before you lost your words?

Do you still hear that music..

..that had deafened you?

Did you feel that undesired silence?

That emotional disconnect,

That disinclination,

Before it made you dumb,

Before it made you a puppet,

A hooked torso on strings,

Do you see that nail ..

..that pierced you deep?

Did you ever brood over?

How a nostalgia,

A tender resistance,

Could size up to hatred and

To unquenchable fire of anger?

A mere disappointment, a dark thought,

Could lead to a blind fold life..

Miles away from light?

Do you see any pinhole..

..that you can still look through one eye to World?

Did you take a mindful pause –

Before being part of the race?

Did you observe every cell of your body –

Every small particle around,

Every small thought that inspires you?

Did you question yourself –

Before it dragged you to its robotic routine,

Before you prisoned your soul into a machine?

Did you answer yourself –

Before they questioned about your existence,

Before they noticed you, before they ignored you,

Before they forget you,

Before they reminded you of you..?

Do you even know yourself –

That you are a part of prime soul,

That you are the star that knows not about shining,

That you are the plant that has not seen its roots,

That your life has a source,

That your existence has a purpose,

That you are just not a thought but eternal soul?

“That you are Soulful!”





A rose tree & its’ wonderland

A rose tree, beside the hill

Witnesses splashing translucent

Stream, flowing down the hill,

Flourishing, wavy, shiny, fluffy.

The rose tree bows down to the nuts,

Woods and green oak leaves

That stream carries

From hills to plain,

To the land of unknown.

The rose tree speaks to the water layers

Every time when it drops its’ roses

With one desire to be carried to

A land of wonders.

Where do they go?

The stranger water streams and layers

Cannot talk about the old deals

That rose tree had with earlier ones.

A question that keeps it busy

Day and night..

That splendid pink bud,

When blown

Stretched curves on rocks

Shadowed the valley in pink

When it bowed to stream

When it agreed to un-branch

Where did they take it?

That bud, that crossed thirty petals

When it chose to shatter

When it filled hilly streams with

Red, pink and white

Rose tree watched it with a happy heart

Thinking where it goes..

In aspirations to reach to wonderland

They all bloomed

What happens to them all?

Did they meet what they meant for?

Wondered the rose tree

Every day

One stormy night

It loosened its grip in the soil and rocks

Uprooted itself

It flew with streams

In search of the petals the roses

And all those streams it spoke with


Strangers, the streams took it

Up and down they shook it

Aghast it lost its senses

To the plain it kept repeating

After all shocks and thud

With water, soil, rock and mud

It still remained alive

Till the time

When it was dropping from a long hill

In the lap of deep stream

It watched the field of hopes

Full of thousand little roses

It closed its eyes

In contentment

In several years

the roses

All went to the right place.

Over the years

Rose tree never realized

The petals and the seeds

They all went down to the fertile land

And grew up plants

and trees there

And turned the whole land pink

A wonderland


The whole life it dreamt of a wonderland

That wasn’t there

Yet even in its most beautiful imagination

In its most positive energies

In pure, innocence, potentiality

It contributed

And the seeds met soil and water

The river shore was turned into

A beautiful rose bed

A rose tree’s wonderland.











Thy morning is knowing thyself

“Morning in a glimpse..

is dawning gold;

is dew dropping by the petals;

is scrunch of wet green blades;

is soil fresh fragrance;

is chirp of young birds learning flying;

is squeal of a new born opening eyes.

morning in the soul..

is music of the words never said;

is a revelation of mystery they hid;

is freedom from the shackles;

is shower of new openings.

morning in the life..

is indifferently planting seeds of good;

is expecting null in return;

is connecting to the universe;

is new beginning;

is rising of consciousness;

is light of a thousand Suns;

is quenching thirst of knowing the world;

thy morning is knowing thyself …”


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“Timeless you and me”

A breath long moment;

Logged, I waited

My breath to complete

It’s a breath long journey

It took years discreet.


Heart so filled, pouring;

With those starry eyes

You touched my soul

In one smile

My world consoled.


Timeless it was like a dream;

Or it shall truly be real someday?

After a shadow aghast I ran

A breath, no sign of you

Left me shunned.


Glimpse of you shone;

Or it was shadow of past

Or the future, or a precast

Attending every breath I was..

Readily I still was… till last.


Timeless you and me,

Inconspicuously creative;

We weave a castle by a thread,

Now or ever it doesn’t matter

Together we decipher the unsaid.

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I count on my steps

A path full of dark

A quest for the spark

I move ahead

I count on my steps

And I count on my steps.

I need to carry on

I pretend, I can hold on..

Keep my oil, store the water

Hold the air, hold the matter

I keep listening thunders

I keep dragging feet

Through darkest storms,

By mud and grudge

I keep galloping stones

When it shines over bridge

When it drips every sight

That showers from the height

Clouds’ canopy on my head

Moon plays to hide

I count on my steps.

When it gets too dark

When there is no light

When I feel it’s over

And eyes see no sight

When I stretch on my fuel,

When I count on my steps

I hear a voice

I see the eastern sun

I hold all pain

And suffering together

I feel the healing

I had longed forever

I now see my soul

Shooting upright

Gleaming it in

The fire inside

I feel it so full

It feels so wide

I can stretch to the poles

Crossing light-years

My unconscious soul

I dance with Sun and

Sing with moonlight

I can stay with chaos

And shake with delight

I am certain with the fact

That peace is inside.

Yet every day I pray

For power and spark

That keeps me moving

That keeps me alive.

My enlightened centre

A beacon, a guide

My toughest puts me in brilliant ties

Entrusting my core,

counts on my path.

And I count on my steps..

I count on my steps.



“A woman, all her life”

Brick by brick
Wall by wall
She creates a home
In the universe hall

With bigger heart
When world’s small
She pours love
In the world’s gall

The fate is struck
Her life is on roll
She flies through hands
When feet crawl

She plants hopes
And everyday ploughs
To grow sun in her nights
And dry wet pillows

She swallows dark
She sees through dust
She smiles in the fog
Mist, and rust

She lives more a daughter
Mother and wife
Little does she live “a woman”..
All her life.

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“Truth of the dreams”

The dream of last night
I witnessed like real sight
I was dragged to the window
I took a flight like kite

I felt my hands turned wings
On some feathers grown white
They took me to sky, higher than high
Above the clouds so bright

It infused me with magic
Like a potion, my soul drunken
Absorbed into the nature
I felt like a glittering icon

I shone through edges
I felt like a diamond
Hardened to roots
Yet chores softened

I travelled to a universe
I never of imagined
Folded my words
Where wings opened

Where senses felt
Depth of history
I saw what I had read
Coming through mystery

I saw everything
That I could ever ask for
I saw my soul at indefinable heights
That anyone could ever behold

Forever I shall remember
This power and zeal
A woman’s will, whenever broken
Repairs her shield

On the night’s projections
The day enacts and gleams
Mesmerized I learnt
The truth of the dreams

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“Hold this Stillness”

My heart slowed down
When I listened to whispers
Of conversation that heart had
With one’s disapproval’s child
Disagreed to disperse
Injected life in the wave indifferent
A particle of doubt was enough
To block its way to transcendent.

For my heart shrunk
It absorbed fluid
That only fed thoughts
Around its horizon
Emotional turbulence shook it
Shrinking it begot weaknesses
Distrust diffused toxins
Unkindness and distrust
Left the cubicle vacant.

A little friendly force
Unwanted thrust me hard
The urge to revive
Furrowed me deep
Dragged me from hallucination
Removed layers
From those eyes that filmed over
Haze, mist, sand, fog and
The clouds crescent.

That lighthouse
That saves the ship
With shine and warmth heals the holes
Clears the filth of stern and bow
Brings it back to sea floor
Lathers it spreads new vibes on old waves
Holding the vessel in tempest,
It mumbles to never quit and
To hold this “stillness” within, till the end.

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When you live it today!  

Unacceptable are

Those forbidden lies

Once spoken

Crunches the spirit

Every night


Indescribable are

Those ingrown jealousies

Knocked on once

Knocks brain out

On ground of reality


Inaccessible are

The shine that mornings wish for

Sleep that nights crave for

Dreams that birds fly for

Desire that

Once enters into soul

Leaves with soul


Irreversible are

The blown wind,

The passed storm

The empty cloud

The dried leaves of oak

The withered petals of roses

The last hour,

The ticked tacked clock

Once done,

Never undone


Only stays

The “moment in present”,

That refines all guilt,

Filters the mistakes from the sin;

Unshackles you from history

Gives chance to rethink, regret,

Redo, relive,

Create, nurture and regain

The new you inside out

Every other day

When you live it today!


Paint ye today!

Paint ye paint!

Your world every day,

Paint ye today!

Draw the lines of connection

Of hearts

Give a shade of love,


In the blank sheets,

Paint ye today!

Fill the colour of trust

In the canvas

Of thee strange minds,

Clean up the dirt

Light up the faded

Landscapes of memories,

The dimmed portrays,

Hold up to the big strokes

Of your brush

To refurbish

The sculpture

Paint ye today!

A touch up

To enliven the past

In the present

Can carve it,

Emboss it,

Shape it for tomorrow

Paint ye today!

Brush it

To spruce it up

With new colours

Of nature

Of real world,

Mix with water of innocence

Oil of easiness, smiles and kindness

And cast in the universe

To free up

The locked

Desire to paint

Me soul revives life

Revitalize the source of joys

Replenish me energy

Restore me hopes

Revive me mind

Remind me repaint

What I painted


Renovate today

To rejuvenate tomorrow

Paint ye today!

Passion___Wallpaper_by_pincel3d-5 6a00d8341c6a0853ef017c37142b30970b Brushstrokes_in_joy_by_darkm4rk


“What is that String?”

A string
in many colours,
colours of love,
of desire to love again,
that increases
every second.
String that tied strong
without strangling,
without confusing,
that holds us
in the toughest times,

that balances
unstable state of minds.

String that connects
soul to souls,
earth to universe.

String that we can’t see
the weakest of all,
can still hold the toughest.

we can see it..

In a baby’s laughter,
when the baby knows father will catch,
when she is thrown in the sky.

In a son’s eyes,
when he knows mother will feed him,
when he is hungry.

On a sister’s face when she knows,
her brother is there to share and help,
when no one is there.

Not only in human
But in every creature,
in every living
and non living,
the string draws
the connection.
A string made web
that blankets the universe
with the energy to flow
to think
to feel
to live
to act
to desire

to connect
the disconnected.
The string that binds acts
and lines up present with
future happenings,
that gives rise
to the utmost desire
to live and gleam
even in the darkest nights.
What is that string?
that is ‘Trust’
Isn’t it?



“Seed of life”

A seed,

that turned into

a vital tree,

has magnum of power

than a granule of dust

that contributed in a castle

a seed ..

that our soil of motherland

needed to sow

to grow trust

in all breeds

a seed

a land ever looked for

a seed

to hatch

to brood over

to believe to see

gushing out blood

from bottom to tips

spurting out courage

to fight

to drag dirt to pit

to kiss flag of truth

to run to prove and solve

the mystery of this race

to quench the thirst

of ages, of births

to eternally learn

to sustain and to merge

to know when to born or

when to die


to stop this cycle..

or to live or to die


there needed a seed

seed of forgiveness

that has grown more trees

that had begotten

another seed.. of trust

that we digged out


we lost hundred times

that we again took birth for

and left those bodies for

a lesson of self trust

or to distrust elements,

in worldly matter

that seed we could not see

was visible

even to a blind

that was felt without even a touch

t’was always a choice

to learn, to know

to sow and to water

that seed

seed of love


was the seed ….. of life.

seeds_of_love1 download growing-love


stop playing magnet

your brain

a magnet

to the ore

to the filth

the waste

the brown matter

that have had your soul


to uncleaned core

to had you shaped

completely into new metal

a body

attached through

wires, filaments

sucking fuel

of fear, jealousy

insecure it developed

your centre

reactant to each wave


it made your centre

like a pool of magma

melting every fresh bud of desire

and dream

and turning into ashes


listen hey!

listen to the chants and prayers

coming through

chain of ignited souls

cool down your burning centre

receive the healing

through your veins

free your soul

from the chains

free from fake belief

this is a cage

that kept you apart from

every seed of empowerment

and enlightenment

come out of that metal

and train your senses

to feel touch of air

to listen to the eternal song

to taste love for all

to smell the freedom

to see the world

with new eyes

and to train always


stop playing magnet.


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one day..

from those..

half opened,

half closed eyes

you saw

when I began trembling

while sitting

with jammed feet

You read my nerve

through my eyes


T’was a sign

to not knock my heart

but to slowly make space

to come closer everyday

but to keep little apart

to try

but to hold your words


you saw

when you spoke of your dreams

very first time

I laughed …

at my dreams

unknown of the after effects

of my heart out

I first time thought to open up

the door

that leads

to the core..

core of my heart,

my desires,

my passion

my simplicity

which was complex for everyone


I did know

one day


one will come


I won’t have to struggle much

with my tongue to spell,

to see it twisted and tangled

in the dialogues and gist

I knew

my silence would be absorbed

I would be choked with surprise…

when my eyes would be read

my face would be traced

I won’t be able to hide

all my plans

when one knows

what’s happening

in my heart, in my mind

and the day

I won’t have to pretend

what I am not…

the day..

one would make me realize

how precious I was for me

and for the one

like a gem

shining in heart and in the eyes

of mine and of that..



In a fact

which I had never believed

that everyone

has to wait for

that day

to turn dream real

one day..




“You’re the Sky”

Let go

of the kite – yellow

that attracted eyes

from the willow

hanging with

a string on its branch


pretty yellow, so bright

symbol of power

full of life, full of air

tried flying high

went higher

with every stroke of opposite wind

inspired I stared, tried to touch

I tried to hold, to fly with it

to go sky high

there another dream

or reality

waking up early

watching willow

I heard a thunder of

storm coming

It started raining

I wanted to protect

I wanted to grasp the bright

in my arms folded

to keep it for a sunny day


but it was too far

out of my reach

still it flapped to go up

knew it would tear it apart

soon it would fade its shine


Oh for that moment,

I stretched longer, harder,

hardest ..grabbed

how vulnerable it was

in my hands

yet fluttering, flapping

to go up

denying all possibilities

to pause, to be stationed

Freed my hands

off the string, off yellow

I saw it gliding, waving up

hovering down.. and again up

it seemed brightest

in the light of the thunderbolt

in the infinity of images

reflected through the rain drops

I was enlightened

to the darkest

every corner and particle

in my body was lit

I was…

a lamp inside


that yellow bolted me

to never fuse

to never quit

a desire hit me

to believe what I ever wanted

to trust my eternal soul

to not count limits

when it says,

“You’re the sky.”

child-flying-a-kite-at-sunset fd paper kites by made by joel images (1) simple-delta-kite-2


to let it die..

don’t ..

don’t pluck this

from its roots..

to let it die


let it shrivel

let it wither away..

curse it..

blame it..and

let it dry through veins

let the serum harden

let it drain

to the last drop of moisture

let the wilt

reach to

the wet dreams of

green life, red bud, pink flowers

yellow filaments and

colourful touch of


let it end the hope

gradually ..

let it bend its bone

lose its firmness

stir the confidence

and shatter the stamina


let it turn


let it become

lifeless body

useless matter

let it realize

how big,

how undeniable,


and unforgettable

the mistake was


let it be an example

for all

who ever commit the sin


wanting the unwanted

desiring the undesirable

dreaming the inaccessible

expressing the inexpressible

feeling the genuine

being disgraceful

to what was allowed

being forgetful

to what was not allowed

let it repent for

being candour

leave it..

with the dirt, the sand, the rocks

with the choices it made

let it become limp

let it lose its substance

let its withering soul know

the truth

don’t let it just feel plucked up

let it fear to dream again..

let it sag its desires

let it see failure

let it kill itself

the most beautiful hopes

let it live like this

to let it die..




“when I never had met you before..” – Song

once upon a time,

when I never had met you before…

I used to live in a place ever seen..

where the trees and the flowers,

and the moon and the stars,

danced with streams,

waterfalls and  the lake ..

where the birds and bees

used to twirl and sing,

taking break…

where souls from the world

of the most divine ..

floated to earth …

to rest

from the bottom deepest

released their energies ..

with their magic outbreak..

where they built, of wonders

A world…

unknown to the most ..

that one could not see

with the material eyes ..

the untouched soil,

the unsung words,

the unheard music,

the unseen life ..

I witnessed,  I touched

As an integral, interwoven

part of the craft

All I assure I was..

in almost near to a dream

bloomed every bud made me feel

there I was always..full of life

full of zeal

Apart ..

once it broke

like I was out of a spell cast

when I jumped from the crest

fallen to a test

the hardest quest ..

the day I saw me turning plastic eyes

metal witnessed gravity

of sinful magma

human greed

loveless chest

with I fought everyday,

I tried to return ..

couldn’t revive


till the day I saw you…

in this new world of unknown

I could bet

I was a piece of a craft

A mannequin ..

turned dark to sun

dummy in transition to skin

lending life to the dead

curvy smiles creating pits

on those cheeks

like the shiny pink river in my land streaks

mesmerized I walked on

after..what I had had a glimpse of,

from the day I had felt my heart..

have never dreamt..

never felt..

never believed on.. a fact

or a lie..

that I never had met you before…




What that Warmth …?


you realize,

the eyes;

watching you sad and crying,

craving for your smile..


the words;

spoken to motivate,

to inject nectar in your veins

yet finding peace

in your silly verbal fights…


the touch;

the feeling of stand by,

in all steps, in every race of life

walking along when you’re alone

you slip or see surfaces slide

and hanged … you feel

the warmth ..

visible as in forehead lines

and in gripped those hands tight ..

pulling you over, out of the pit..



the silence;

when you can see..

in the layered conversations

the hidden few bare words

words of trust, truth and tears

when you do not need any explanation..



in every damn thing you are surrounded..

with or without being with one

you feel safe..

you see your whole world within..


a single moment changes

your universe

your dreams, your desire,

your phenomenon..forever,

Lost will be

your purpose

of all the prayers and wishes..


it makes you strange to your own

the moment..

my friend!

believe that..

you have actually lived up

sensibly, truly

a moment of ‘warmth’

thought where is its’ origin?


is it the strange fire in us?

burns in..

deep in heart?

when flames go up..

and bursts into light and warmth..

is it real or divine?

is feeling the warmth feeling the soul itself?

oh yes ‘soul’ – but not one…

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if only

I remember myself

trusting the world


in a fit of happiness

sparing the world

for all its little-big sins.

While in the warmth of love

closed my eyes,

watched happiness alive

with my fingers,

I could touch the smiles

it felt my body soaking up life

and laughter soaking all pains

relieved feeling uplifted

like drunken

heavenly flying potion.

In the tickles and the toodles

measured whole universe

and its liveliness..

I could see my soul jumping up,

touching sky, catching stars

juggling snowy moon

crossing all summers and winters

wrapped up

in a single moment..



if only…

I could hold up,

the same..

I could live again

I could see circulate life in my veins…

Just once in those arms, hugged up..

If only..












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what is it?

what is it?

driven by something?

rushing moments

days pass by

months keep on counting

years disappear…


a single spot is timeless

to add to the whole black

a soul is in silent shock

witnessing the body

running wildly,


to touchdown the end..


that leaving you clueless


no sense of pain

no time to watch

the pits you jumped up

the ladders you skipped

by will or by rush?

rush to move on..

to carry forward

a blind march

that never stops..

pauses at deathbed

bang bang!

ever thought?

where heading up?

and why?

the purpose?

is it really what you

planned for?

is it deal you coined

after years of your

metal meltdown

suppressed desires

filtered dreams

sacrificed choices?

is it a racing track?

is your life a race?

do you have time to think?

think – what is it?

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‘real to eyes’ – realize

How so?

where did you draw this from?

how come this is..

so delicious?

so melting, so soft?

so tasteful, delightful

so raw and neat?

a recipe ..

mix of sour and sweet

pinch and peer

truth and tear

rough and dear

smile and cheer

recipe of life….

with a cupful of desires

mixed with emotions

resulting a ‘solution’…

‘solution’ for a bagful of problems

taste happiness, satisfaction

strange yet beautiful,

desirable and how?

too many questions

just one answer – ‘to realize’


realize life is too short to cry

and too big to laugh

realize time never repeats

realize beauty lies in words

realize to never stop, never quit, never give up

realize to head up and high

realize dreams are future reality

realize self worth.. Accept and Love!

realize Life’s utmost!

a recipe so tasteful

is a need to realize

to make everything ‘real to eyes’.


let life happen..


can’t hold up

can’t slip away

can’t only stare

the footprints disappear

move every moment

no turn, no see ..

there no signs,

no happenings

no memories, no glee

keep walking…

Smile or sigh

play or hide..

Sun shines everyday,


Sounds of nature,

soul soothing, vibrant..

birds chirp

herds chorus

insects beep

loud or low

thee endure

in the flow

Sights of life,

full of wisdom..

trees blow their heads

leaves plan to quit

every season

they change the course

branches swing

break and

grow again

every single day

week, month or year

accept ..

Soak up..

hold on


oh creature!

let life happen.

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Why she lives..?

Walking through the street

In a village under the hills and the clouds

In a gray black evening

I heard her crying, muttering,

Mourning over something

Nobody listened to

The whisper of

Her silent complaint

Her frail stature.


She came again

Another day

Her hands gripped

A paper,

Written on some advice

She follows that paper says

She appeals

Through her pain

Knocked door to door

Her wounds and stain

Seeking judgment

All in vain

One says she is mad


She weaves story

Nothing truth, all cloudy.


Surprised my eyes

Could watch

People escape

No support, blaming her instead

She was dragged

Into a court, every day on streets

They never felt

Truth needs no witness

Truth is truth

Clearly visible

In her heart, her throat

Dried her hands, and shedding skin

Her dirty, stained clothes

Blood afresh on forehead strip

What is not true?

Is it her trust?

Trust on her community,

Or on these people?

The people she trusted and cared for long?

Is it her trust on the streets she married to?


A woman in a village

When gets old and alone

She never has one to think

To give and take

To speak and listen

To hold and hug

To sit and walk with

To cry and laugh with

To cool and warm

To share and care

To just to live or to die with

Nobody is concerned,

If she dies.

Yet more are concerned

Why she lives?

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What is driving life?

In blue wrap around

In muddy fields,

She struggles with crops and grain

Heavy rain,

Few empty stomachs, dried eyes

Waiting for her to return

In the pain

Her sweat is washed away

Her sore throat is voiceless

This every day’s unquenchable thirst of her

Is driving life.


Give me a reason to live

He feels soaking up heat

Kissing the blazing sun

Dragging a cart, dancing with dust

Skin burnt and wrinkled

Waited long for the wind

To cool down

Through pores to the veins

Through skin to the bones

A desire for small shelter for him

Is driving life.


A rag picker boy

A day nightingale girl on streets

A candy seller kid in the fair, bus or train

The solitude in their lives

The need of belongings

The force of hunger

The burden on their shoulders

Is driving life.

Rag Picker 8831E1EBD9C701DA7C5B8581D326 img_2347 Farmer works in a paddy field on the outskirts of Agartala


so technical!

so crispy




life is now – a – days

racy, lankier

adorned yet ragged

shiny yet shagged


speak lot, feel less

show more, care less

run hard, break less

smart big, savage less

canny world with uncanny mind state

strangers more, known less

Use proxies, speak codecs

behaviour autoset

character programmed

setting benchmarks

bodies autobot

marching to next level

touching heights

So we have all become

all of a sudden

more machine

less human

together we move

together we greet

we cherish,

today is our world

so fast, so advanced

expanding, spending,

evolving,  rising

it is material,

and is mechanical

yet typical it is..

hard to believe

life today.. is


So technical!

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life was mess but It was alive


you last time felt it?

felt what?


dried lips

jammed bolts

bones fragile

skin cold

face beaten

eyes froze

head emptied


why this blank?


without soul

body in motion

silhouette stopped

what kept me all engrossed


I wish I could make a wish,

wish to undo

and turn the time

get back to the life,

a life full of

contempt, hate, complain

yet freedom, respect, gain

everyday’s challenge to touch sky

make new plans and dream high

live the moments,


desire, inseparable

dream, undisguised

life was mess but

It was alive..


Capture lilies-wallpaper-orange-wallpapers-floral-flowers-mound


a language of silence..

A language, ecstatic

Blissful, charming,

Quenching, drenching

talks, without words

Splashing, showering

Thirsty heart, empty head

Just one desire being led

brown or black

Your eyes are a deep sack

Let me read your dreams

you see that I can’t see

What you see through’em

only could promise,

I be a part of’em

blinked your eye lids

like flakier snow

had slowly fallen

and collapsed with snow..

and the wind had tried

blow it up again in the sky

..it touched the sky or not

it touched me a lot

gracious, merciful

your eyes speak marvel


a language,

I read, no one else can

the way you speak,

I tried replying..

you didn’t understand

I believed instincts

it never helped.


It suffocates,

you don’t understand

you don’t read, what you speak

you.. really?

this world, your creation

of our silent conversation

was the only thing I had

now..I don’t..

I read it again..

I try to read it again..

I tried..

no one at the doors.. knocking! panting!

silence.. sigh!


T’was a choice of silence

T’was realized

T’wasn’t apt


language of silence..


in silence..

eye images (1)scale


a part of quicksand …

“Strangest you loved..

called my name

sat along

held my hand

walked together

showed me path

crossed maples

lit the lamps

I followed blindfold

you made me forget

every other thing in the world

you came closer,

you placed yourself

in my heart..

irreplaceable.. your stature

you asked me to stand

in the middle of the land

I could never guess

you could have left me..

in quicksand..


can’t move further

neither can go back

day or night

crept slowly

stuck deeper

you never looked back

you felt no pain

you never noticed

I watched you in tears

I was yet to move and ask for the hand

the hand I wanted to grasp

in the most needful

sad, shocked and


I was..

with no choice

waiting to be drowned

to be dragged

by the force

a touch  – warm, sticky

and close touch

making me feel

the need of my life

my existence

that matters..

though not as breathing soul

but as a shiny,


dusty, cold

as a part of death,

a part of new life

a part of new world..

a part of new timespan


you made me..

a part of quicksand.”



“Tis my heart”


Tis (It is) full,

Tis complete.

filled with love

love spurting out

every hour it feels thrust..

splash of over spilling emotions

takes it to a place

where one and alone, and mine

heart fights and thrown off.

Tis splattered with mud

of your hate, questions,

distrust and judgement

Tis not yet broken

Tis not empty, Tis not barren

Tis immerse into the mud,

soaks up the warmth in cold

Tis refills everytime

with hope.. and love

Tis pouring out again..

Tis  my heart..


hold_my_heart_by_Braq heart




“As not to be believed in, is the most painful of everything”

What is that?


the most painful?


is it a feeling?

a realization?

very first time,

when you come to know

a fact that

nobody believes you..

Isn’t it painful?


a feeling of falling with a thud

by a slightest stroke of the wind

from high to low

low to nothing

you are not believed in

like you are never existed


all your phenomena

was a dream

your past was a past

your future is dark

when you see yourself with other’s eyes

you see nothing…


nothing at all.


Don’t you need to crack it?

crack the shell!

and come out now…

dust your body and get away!!!

don’t give them a right

a right to stare you

to measure you

to scale you

to test you

to judge you

to pierce you

to kill your soul

every while


don’t choose them

who beseech you to stay close

so they can stab you easily, cut you inside

poison your heart

stir your mind

make you sad then feel alive


move away..

they never try to understand

the simplest of a thing

you are just the way you are..

you never ask anything but

a belief,

a belief in your existence

in your life

in your love, affection, care

and in you..


get a new life

new horizon

new belief..

as not to be believed in

is the most painful of everything…

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‘morning perfection’ – a song

A coalition



smiling faces and

morning perfection..


just a look and

life sweetened

strong attraction

morning perfection


soul touching – heart beating

body trembling

blood threatening

played emotions

in such condition

love poured,

joy filled in

right proportion

morning perfection


coming over the days darkened

every moment

when dreams broken

keeping promise

in the worsened

my hand in your hand

morning perfection


its’ just you and me

against the world of

humane – inhumane


my eyes and your vision

your mouth and my words

my body, your pain

your heart and my strength

you believe, I believe

you live and relieve

me in distress..


distrusted my world

tuned with jingles

of motivation, inspiration..

is it a power

to empower

many lives in just seconds




deep love ..

within hearts

morning perfection…


m m2 morning7 m1


‘and Lord never told’

Stone seems smoother
frost seems warmer
no match to your heart..
I try to keep my breath and blood
in place

struggle with soul
keeping me calm
drowning me deep
dunging steep..

followed me near
that fear
of loosing
some precious
very warm, soothing..

something to store, to keep,
was a desire
that’s burnt
to ashes and smoke..

was watched crying
shedding tears
and screams

everyday’s nourishing dreams
left in sighs


hidden was the game of Lord..
I never understood
and lord never told..

35958496994502087iKcIWaMzc 11399805276281936LFpfcjsUc


‘So hard to hide’

That dropping smile

behind a painted face

hidden a ‘world’ ..


‘world’ of

boiling desires

magma under crust

intimacy and gravity inside

the heat and the grooves

so hard to hide…

pretended every moment

faced the life’s utmost

brave or coward you resisted

revealing truth

little had you

assumed to grow

with nothing to sow

seedless, soil-less,

seek moist of snow


fought with odds

the bud out was a ‘desire’..


‘desire’ to hold

firm – gripped

Yet unable

expressionless, tight-lipped


Pull over

come and see

the other side burnt

in a fiery desire ..  to hold you back

to hold your  hand


Awaited .. so long

longing the other will know

sometimes – ‘someday’


‘Love’ at both sides 

pointless is to reveal


so hard to hide..

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‘no clue’


easy is ..

a day with regular lies

tough is..

a truth-mouth

an unexpected guest.


Possibility of Possible,

looks impossible

Honesty out of sight

Integrity extincted.


you deal with these noble hearts’

full of filth in veins ..

what foundation in your parcel lays

to attract dust minds?


Once face them,

Pay a toll

with a disagreement..

in existence of warmth &

divinity in the world.


Their carved path of success

is made of boulders of dried tears

piles of suppressed dreams

each milestone



rising from ashes of




solitude wins the game

by increasing darkness

in each episode

I need the answer of..

when to turn and get back?

to the origin,

to the values ..

that we are made of


reply is ..


‘no clue’










just a word.. ‘goodbye’

every word fell..

from your mouth

jammed me head to roots

stared.. I refused to move

so easy was to say..

for you

Was it the word?

spinning in your mind

from a long time

wobbled in your stomach

stuck at throat

what stopped you so long..

confusion faded trust

and warmth

Little did I know

your will

was to say it ..

what made other thing


unseen ..

turned you unchangeable


no eye clutched

saw you turning

and disappearing

like Sun hides

laying dark effects on

a shiny day..

just by saying

.. a word